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The small hamlet of Dol sits on the eastern slope of a deep valley and it is only two kilometres by road from Postira.  Dol is crowded together with its houses built out of living stone i.e. by digging its eastern walls into the hill.  As if by agreement the houses are built one on top of the other, detached, in order not to throw a shadow over one another. The sun visits the valley late in the morning and sets behind the hill early in the evening. The house roofs are of the two or four-eaved kind, mostly covered with slabs. On the wide, stony house sides, there are one or two lines of smaller windows edged with stony window-sills and with green shutters. The big wine-cellars’ doors are on the western side. They are arched with a porch set on the top of a stony staircase. From the porch one enters the house, usually the sitting-room, because the central room of Brač’s village households was transferred to the loft. That is why we see many mansard roofs of various shapes and purposes. These old, stone houses detached or set in rows, preserved the mark of the genuine folk architecture. They stand as witnesses of the existence of the wealthier families, their former owners.
Above Dol, there is an opening of a tunnel which will, through the ever thirsty entrails of Brač, bring over the water of the river of Cetina to the south of the island.

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