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Adriatic Sea

Hydrographic and Oceanographic Data
The Adriatic is a unique area in Europe for cruising with motor boats, speedboats, or sailing boats, and for enjoying the underwater world.  The easy coastline, consisting of over a 1000 islands, is ideal for novices and experienced sailors alike.
•    Depths
The shallowest part of the sea is in Istria, where the depth does not exceed 50 metres.  From Pula, the seabed gently drops, making a long, narrow valley which extends from Zirje towards Italy which is called Jabucka kotlina.  The greatest depth there is about 240 metres.  From Jabucka kotlina, the bottom rises to Palagruza reef where the biggest depth is 130 metres.  Towards the south, the bottom drops steeply towards the Juznojadranska dolina, where the biggest measured depth is about 1,300 metres.
•    Tides
In the Adriatic, the high and low tides have relatively small amplitudes.  In its southern parts, the difference is rarely above some 40 centimetres, while in the northern parts it is somewhat greater, up to 1 metre in Istria and the Gulf of Trieste.  In some narrower channels and bays, the high tide can rise considerably during a strong sirocco.  That phenomenon is characteristic for big and deep bays of the southern Adriatic.
•    Sea Currents
Currents are weakly observable in the Adriatic.  The speed of currents change in particular areas, but it also depends on time periods.  The average speed of currents is about 0.5 knots, but they can also reach the speed of 4 knots.
•    Sea Temperature
The Adriatic sea has a very marked annual change of the surface temperature. The average annual temperature is 11°C.  During the winter, the sea is the coldest and the surface temperature is about 7°C; very seldom, it can drop below that too.  In the spring, the sea becomes warmer, and the surface temperature rises to 18°C.  In summer the surface of the sea reaches a very high temperature, of up to 22 to 25°C, and in the southern Adriatic and Istria up to 27°C.
•    Waves in the Adriatic
Heights of waves in the Adriatic are between 0.5 and 1.5 meters, and they very rarely exceed 5 meters.

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