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Consultancy services

CCP Real Estate’s professional and knowledgeable staff can offer consultancy in the following areas:

·         Obtaining an energy efficiency certificate*

·         Obtaining a usage permit

·         Obtaining a rental licence

·         Ownership issues and disputes

·         Legalisation of a property

If you have an issue with your property in Croatia, or want to apply for a permit, or just want to check that you have all permits and certificates in place, CCP Real Estate can help you.   We have  10 years of experience in helping property owners resolve property issues and obtain permits and licences.   Our goal is to help owners resolve their issue and enjoy their property, worry free.


Please contact us to see how we can assist.

Below is important information for owners/buyers:

Since Croatia joined the EU (July 1 2013), many regulation changes have taken place in relation to real estate sales.  One of them is for owners to acquire an energy certificate for their property that is on the market for sale.  Every single property which is for sale needs to have an energy certificate which shows how much energy a property uses.  This is an EU regulation and cannot be avoided.

As a licensed real estate agency, we were waiting on clarification from the Ministry of Building in order to know how to proceed with properties which do not have an energy certificate, and what are the legal requirements.

Their answer is as follows (@ 17 January 2014): 

Every property (building) which is 50 sqm and bigger must have an energy certificate stated in the sales advert.

Every property which is less than 50 sqm, but is part of a block of apartments which is larger than 50 sqm, must have an energy certificate stated in sales advert (this is regarding to apartment blocks).

As a licensed real estate agency, we can advertise your property on our own web site only, without us being penalised. We cannot advertise via any other media.  If inspectors arrive at our office, they have a right to take all information from us regarding your property and penalise you!

Penalties are 5,000 Kuna  (cca. 667 Euros) for the private owner  and 15,000 Kuna (cca. 2,000 Euros) for a property owned by a company.

As of 1st July 2013, it has not been possible to sell a property without the energy certificate.  This means that when we find a buyer for a property, the purchase cannot be finalised without an energy certificate.  This can delay the completion date of the sale/purchase. 

CCP Real Estate can handle the process to obtain the energy certificate for a property.  Please contact us for further information and a quote.

Please Note:

Whilst CCP Real Estate cannot offer legal advice, we can research your situation. Our aim is to provide an owner with the facts relating to their situation and offer suggestions on how to resolve the issue.  In certain situations, this may require an owner seeking legal advice.  If this is the case, we are happy to work with your lawyer.

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